Just An Old School Consultant Teaching The New School To Other Old Schoolers

My name is Tony “Ty” Yeager, I’ve been an old school business consultant for many years.  Old school meaning pre-internet revolution. So I’ve seen a lot of change.

I was there when the squeeze page was invented, deemed a bad experience by Google, and then adopted worldwide by yes, even Google.

I learned early the learning never stops.  The internet pace only re-enforced that.

You may ask “Tony, how old school are you?”  I made my first webpage promoting a service in 95′, copied to floppy disks.  It didn’t work at all.

Zig, Old School Consultant To The Consultant Industry

I recently became mindful of this “How Old Is Old School Any Way” question when in a conversation with peers, a publicist declared “no one reads blogs anymore!” So a few Stoli Screwdrivers later, and this site was inspired by a handshake bet.

You will see very soon categories like Real Estate Marketing, Marketing Technology, Consulting hacks, and videos about everything in between.  This content will primarily be written by me, but also sections every day will be provided by my amazingly talented staff.  I am only a part of this show, always have been.  I will make introductions in the future, let them shine on their own here once things get rolling here at TysInfoRay.com.  

Back to this blog thing…

Blogging still works.  We see it with all our clients.  I see it with my peers who admonish their own clients to blog or get more intimate with the business to help create blog content.  If you have the same doubts about blogging working for your business… watch this space.

If you are an old schooler who needs to get up to speed on the new school of marketing consulting, you came to the right place.

Bookmark my site (do people still bookmark, it sounds so quaint) and come back every day for a new post to broaden your horizons and possibilities.  And yes, my door is open for you to sit on my couch and make some breakthrus in your own consulting business.



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